South East Busway extension to Loganholme

South East Busway extension to Loganholme

Council has been advocating to the Queensland Government and the Australian Government to extend the South East Busway to Loganholme. 

Funding is in place to extend it to Springwood, with construction due to start in 2020 along with the second stage of M1 upgrades.

Currently, buses don’t have priority on the M1, which means they are stuck in traffic along with thousands of vehicles until exiting at Eight Mile Plains where the South East Busway begins.

When entering the M1, buses have to merge with oncoming traffic, which can be dangerous for buses and vehicles.

This also adds to the congestion, as buses slow the flow of traffic while entering the M1.

  • The busway extended to Loganholme to provide an efficient and sustainable alternative to private transport for Logan commuters
  • The current issues at Springwood will be moved further south as city-bound buses leaving from the Hyperdome will not have priority on the M1 until reaching the busway at Springwood (once built)
  • 155,000 trips are made daily on the M1 creating congestion and a peak morning period of four hours
  • More people on public transport means less cars on the road
  • Less time spent in traffic means more time for the things that matter to you
  • Better access to public transport for work, health and wellbeing

Council believes that buses should be given dedicated priority as demand continues to rise in this constrained corridor. The City of Logan is highly dependent on cars, because current public transport options are limited and do not provide an incentive to switch.

The busway’s extension is integral to supporting the development of Loganholme as a key economic activity hub and increasing sustainability and connectivity in the region. Continued growth in the coming years may limit the options available to solve the ongoing congestion problems.

An integrated transport solution is required and there may be cost efficiencies in delivering the busway extension alongside the third stage of the M1 upgrade, rather than at a later date.

Continuing the busway will improve travel times, support people to get to work, study or other essential services, and promote sustainable transport choices.

Government response:

Eight Mile Plains to Springwood
Current work includes a new bus station and park-n-ride at Rochedale, as part of the South East Busway extension.2018-19: TMR completed a business case for the Pacific Motorway upgrade between Eight Mile Plains and Daisy Hill, and extension of the South East Busway to Springwood.

Mid 2020: construction to begin
$749 million (jointly funded by the Queensland Government and Australian Government for the whole project, including the busway)
Springwood to Loganholme
The business case for the M1 upgrade from Daisy Hill to the Logan Mwy is being developed.Unknown$16 million (jointly funded by the Queensland Government and Australian Government for the whole project, including the busway)