South East Busway extension to Loganholme

M1 & South East Busway extension to Loganholme

The Queensland election is our chance to secure funding to extend the South East Busway from Eight Mile Plains to Loganholme to make using public transport quicker and easier for our residents.

Currently, buses don't have priority on the M1 which means that they are stuck in traffic along with thousands of vehicles. Entering the M1 means that buses have to merge with oncoming traffic which can be dangerous for both buses and vehicles. This also adds to the congestion as buses slow the flow of traffic while entering the M1.

People catching public transport to and from major activity centres such as Springwood, Loganholme and Brisbane CBD should not be stuck in peak hour traffic. Public transport should provide a quick and affordable way to leave your car at home.

It's time that the South East Busway is extended to Loganholme. It's time for Logan's fair share.

We need

An extension to the South East Busway through to Loganholme to give our residents access to quick and affordable public transport options.

  • Extension of the South East Busway beyond Eight Mile Plains
  • Public transport connections between major activity centres such as Springwood, Loganholme and the Brisbane CBD
  • A sustainable and efficient alternative to private transport for our residents
Why it matters
  • 147,000 trips are made daily on the M1 creating congestion and a peak morning period of four hours
  • Buses currently have to merge into motorway traffic increasing congestion
  • Public transport users are stuck in the same traffic as other vehicles, reducing the appeal of public transport as an option
What does it mean for you:
  • More people on public transport means less cars on the road
  • Less time spent in traffic - more time for the things that matter to you
  • Better access to public transport for work, health and wellbeing