M1 and South East Busway

M1 and South East Busway

This Queensland election is our chance to secure funding to fix congestion on the M1 motorway.

The M1 motorway is one of the busiest road corridors in Australia, used by 147,000 vehicles every weekday. Motorists now endure a four hour peak period in the morning, starting at 5am. During this period the average speed is 30 km per hour, well below the speed limit.

Time is valuable in today's fast-paced world. Time spent in traffic is time that could be spent with family and friends or growing your business, rather than sitting in 30km an hour traffic every morning.

We need a solution for the M1 and South East Busway to end our four hour peak period every morning.

It's time to fix gridlock on the M1 and extend the South East Busway to Loganholme. Tell your candidate that it's time for Logan's fair share.

We need

$16 million for a business case to deliver a comprehensive solution for the M1, including:

  • Upgrade of the northbound lanes between Eight Mile Plains and Rochedale
  • Extension of the South East Busway to Loganholme
  • Upgrade of the remaining section from Rochedale to the Logan Motorway at Loganholme
Why it matters
  • Peak hour now lasts four hours every morning. It's only going to get worse as the region's population grows
  • Drivers lose up to 80 hours every year stuck in peak hour traffic on the M1
  • 147, 000 trips are made daily on the M1
  • There will be another 46,400 week day trips on the M1 in coming years
  • M1 is part of a national freight route and congestion is having a real impact on the productivity of our local business
  • Regional productivity is being impacted by congestion on the M1
  • We're spending time in traffic that we could be spending with our friends and family, doing the things we enjoy
What does it mean for you:
  • Less time spent in traffic - more time for things that matter to you
  • Better access to public transport for work, health and wellbeing
  • Small business owners spend less time stuck in traffic and more time on the job
  • Increased productivity for our transport and logistics industries - a major employer in the city