Infrastructure for growing communities

Infrastructure for growing communities

The Queensland election is our chance to ensure our growing communities don't have to wait for innovative health, education and wellbeing facilities.

Our south-west community will be home to more than 170,000 additional people in coming decades in the two State managed priority development areas of Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone. This will place increased demand on existing services and facilities in surrounding areas.

Facilities and models of service delivery in the city's south-west are either non-existent or out-dated, no longer meeting the needs of these rapidly growing communities. There are opportunities to plan and deliver innovative models of essential services such as health, education and wellbeing.

Our fast-growing communities deserve access to health, education and wellbeing facilities now. This Queensland election tell your candidate that it's time for Logan's fair share.

We need
  • Health services and facilities to meet community demand
  • Support for high quality education facilities from early years through to high school in our community
  • Support to develop a community hub facility in the south-west
  • The right level of police services in the south-west
  • Places to gather and hold events in our community
Why it matters
  • Kids should be able to go to school close to home
  • Police services should meet the needs of our community to ensure our safety
  • Communities in the south-west already lack access to health, education and wellbeing services and facilities
  • Access to quality services and facilities is critical to community health and wellbeing, quality of life, and creating education and job opportunities
What does it mean for you:
  • Adequate facilities to support the needs, such as health and education, of growing communities
  • Innovative education models to support the changing needs of young people
  • Access to a range of important support services in high quality local facilities
  • Places to gather, celebrate and be part of our community lifefstyle