Infrastructure for growing communities

Infrastructure for growing communities

Logan has a growing population in the south-west corridor, particularly in the Queensland Government’s Priority Development Areas (PDAs) of Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone.

When fully developed, the Greater Flagstone PDA is anticipated to be home to around 120,000 people and the Yarrabilba PDA to 50,000.

The delivery of community infrastructure for health, safety and education is a key component in creating healthy, cohesive and vibrant communities. 

The amount and rate of growth in Logan’s south-west demands urgent and timely delivery of these services.


  • Community infrastructure for health, safety and education
  • Good infrastructure is a key component in creating healthy, cohesive and vibrant communities, especially with the rapid growth in Logan’s south-west
  • Timely access to important services without needing to travel

Council has been specifically asking for:

  • delivery of an integrated service delivery model for 0-8 year olds to enhance health and education outcomes, ideally co-located in the south-west of the city
  • early delivery of the first high school in Yarrabilba, incorporating a hub concept
  • secure funding to expand the Logan Village Police Beat.

Government response:

The following projects have been funded:

Yarrabilba State School integrated child services community hub
The Queensland Government allocated $3.6m to construct and deliver an integrated child services community hub. April 2018: Construction began

September 2018: construction completed and facility opened, known as the Family and Community Place (Yarrabilba)
$3.6 million (Queensland Government funding)
Yarrabilba Secondary School
The delivery of Yarrabilba’s first secondary school has been brought forward to 2020.February 2019: Preliminary works started

March 2019: Major construction commenced

July 2019: Facility named Yarrabilba State Secondary College

Late 2019: construction expected to be completed
$45 million (Queensland Government funding)
Logan Village Neighbourhood Police Beat
• Police Beat will be upgraded and refurbished to become the Logan Village Yarrabilba Police Station
• A new Logan Village Yarrabilba Police Division has been established to take over parts of the Crestmead and Jimboomba divisions to provide more efficient delivery of policing services for the growing community
2018-19: funding allocated

April 2019: Construction begins

August 2019: Upgrade due to be completed; new police division established
$400,000 (Queensland Government funding)
Yarrabilba Pathways Hub
• The Queensland Government is working with stakeholders from Council, the non-government school sector and across relevant Queensland Government agencies to develop a pathways hub within the first Yarrabilba high school.
• The hub is expected to be a place of learning for all community members, integrated with other community services.
Unknown$3.6 million (Queensland Government funding)
Yarrabilba rural fire station upgrade and new facility
• The Queensland Government has committed funds to upgrade the station at Logan Village and construct a new facility to service Yarrabilba and surroundsUnknown$5 million (Queensland Government funding)
Yarrabilba new ambulance station
The Queensland Government has committed funds to construct a new ambulance station at Yarrabilba Unknown$4.3 million (Queensland Government funding)
Munruben ambulance station
The Queensland Government has committed funds to construct a new ambulance station at MunrubenUnknown$4 million (Queensland Government funding)
Infrastructure agreement
• The Queensland Government, Logan City Council and nine key developers have signed an agreement to deliver essential infrastructure for the Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone Priority Development Areas (PDAs).
• The developers will fund the infrastructure through upfront charges, over and above their development costs within the PDAs.
• This guarantees the roads, water supply and wastewater infrastructure needed to connect the emerging communities with the surrounding networks are delivered without placing an impost on existing ratepayers.
To be delivered over next 45 years from 2019$1.2 billion (jointly funded by Queensland Government, Logan City Council and nine developers)

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