M1 and South East Busway

M1 and South East Busway

The M1 Motorway (Pacific Motorway) is one of the busiest road corridors in Australia, used by up to 155,000 vehicles every day.

It is a national freight route, and the primary connector between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Council has long been campaigning for a solution to fix congestion through Logan. M1 motorists in Logan currently endure a four-hour peak period in the morning, starting at 5am.

During this congestion, the average vehicle speed from Loganholme to Eight Mile Plains is 30 km/h, well below the speed limit.

Without intervention, average traffic speeds are expected to decrease from 70 km/h to 56 km/h by 2041.

Infrastructure Australia says the Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill section is projected to carry around 202,000 vehicles per day by 2041 (an increase of 1-2% per year), and currently, 12,000 freight vehicles travel on this section of the corridor each day. This is expected to grow by 3-4% per year over the same period.

  • The timely delivery of funded works for Stage 1 (M1/M3 Gateway merge) and Stage 2 (Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill)
  • Completion of the business case and funding for construction of a comprehensive solution for Stage 3 (Daisy Hill to Logan Motorway), including an extension of South East Busway to Loganholme
  • 155,000 trips are made daily on the M1, including 12,000 freight vehicles (expected to grow by 3-4% a year).
  • Projections show the M1 will carry around 202,000 vehicles each day by 2014 (an increase of 1-2% a year).
  • Once the first and second stages of the M1 upgrade is completed, the congestion will worsen further south where the four-lane highway reduces to three at Loganholme.
  • This issue will exacerbate as the region’s population grows.
  • Drivers lose up to 80 hours every year stuck in peak hour traffic on the M1.
  • M1 is part of a national freight route and congestion is having a real impact on the productivity of our local business.
  • Less time spent in traffic – more time for things that matter to you.
  • Better access to public transport for work, health and wellbeing.
  • Small business owners will spend less time stuck in traffic and more time on the job.
  • Increased productivity for our transport and logistics industries – a major employer in the city.

Government response:

The Queensland Government and Australian Government have now agreed to jointly fund the following upgrades to the M1:

Stage 1: M1/M3 Gateway Merge
The upgrade includes:
• widening up to five southbound lanes between Eight Mile Plains and Rochedale South (Exit 19)
• relocating the existing bus entry from the Eight Mile Plains Bus Station onto the Pacific
• replacing the Underwood Rd bridge to a new four-lane overpass
• managed motorway technologies from Klumpp Rd to Rochedale Rd.
Mid 2018: Construction commenced

July 2019: New Underwood Rd bridge opens

Mid 2020: Project completion expected
Stage 1 is fully funded: $190 million ($115 million from the Australian Government and $75 million from the Queensland Government)
Stage 2: Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill
Planning is currently under way.

The upgrade includes:
• widening up to five northbound lanes between Gateway Mwy to Loganlea Rd
• widening to four southbound lanes between Rochedale Rd to Logan Rd
• extending the South East Busway Extension from Eight Mile Plains to Springwood, including a new bus station and park-n-ride at Rochedale
• completing the missing V1 cycleway link on the western side of the M1 from the Gateway Mwy to Paradise Rd.
August 2018: Business case endorsed by Building Queensland

Early 2019: Preliminary and detailed design began

June 2019: Infrastructure Australia made this a “priority project” on the Infrastructure Priority List

October 2019: the State Government releases concept footage of the design ahead of community consultation

Mid 2020: Construction to begin immediately after Stage 1 (M1/M3 Gateway merge)
Stage 2 is fully funded: $749 million ($374.5 million each from the Australian Government and Queensland Government)
Stage 3: Daisy Hill to Logan Motorway
This project, to provide additional lanes, is in the planning phase. Council is advocating for comprehensive upgrades and for the busway to continue all the way through to Loganholme.Late 2021: business case expected to be completedThe Australian Government has committed $500 million towards the project, however, the scope of works and funding arrangement with the Queensland Government is yet to be finalised

$16 million has been allocated towards planning (jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments)

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