How long do you really spend travelling on Logan’s major roads?

How long do you really spend travelling on Logan's roAds?

It feels like we spend half our lives sitting in traffic. Did you know that RACQ publishes a report each month articulating exactly how much time we spend on Logan’s major roads?

The ‘Average Travel Speed Performance on Major State Corridors’ is available every month on the RACQ website and includes travel time statistics for major arterials in the South East Region, including the M1 and Mount Lindesay Highway.

For example, did you know that in November of 2018, the M1 (Pacific Motorway) between the Logan River and Paradise Road was the fifth slowest inbound trip in the region? The nine-kilometre stretch of Mount Lindesay Highway between the Park Ridge interchange and Browns Plains Road came in ninth (and jumps to sixth during the outbound rush hour).

It won’t surprise those of you who drive this stretch of Mount Lindesay Highway that the average inbound speed in November was only 47 kilometres per hour.

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