This Queensland election we need our fair share for Logan.

Logan is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. To make sure the lifestyle our residents and visitors enjoy continues, Council is working with the community to ensure that Logan receives a fair share of the taxes you pay. We need our fair share of funding to make sure that the roads that you travel to work on are safe and congestion free. We need to know that our growing communities will have access to public transport. And we want to make sure that future community centres, health and education delivery meet the needs of our residents and visitors with innovative models of delivery.


Advocacy is the act of seeking public or community support for an issue in order to create change. This change might be a change in policy, process, legislation or even a change to funding models. When people come together to make their voices heard, especially by Government, this is advocacy.

Councils across Australia are harnessing the power of advocacy to make sure State and Federal governments are aware of what is important to their voters.

Councils are ideally placed to undertake advocacy activities as they have a strong connection to their communities.

Advocacy can take many different forms including one-on-one meetings with State and Federal Government Members and Ministers, regional collaboration with surrounding Councils, and campaigns during election and annual budget cycles.

The Fair Share 4 Logan campaign encourages residents to sign an online petition to let Queensland candidates know what is most important to you as a voter.

When candidates know what is important to their voters they can make commitments or promises to have these priorities funded if they are elected.

It is important that your candidates know what is important to their voters. You, as a voter, have the chance to let your candidate know what is important to you and what you want them to commit to if they expect your vote.

The Fair Share 4 Logan online petition is super easy to complete and only takes a few seconds.

You can sign the Fair Share 4 Logan online petition to let Queensland candidates know what is important to you as a voter.

As well as signing the Fair Share 4 Logan petition, you can contact your candidates directly or through their social media channels and ask them to support the City of Logan’s priorities.

By letting your Queensland candidate know what the most important thing is for you – whether it’s fixing congestion on the M1 or fast-tracking planning and delivery of the Salisbury to Beaudesert Passenger Rail – you will be helping making sure Logan gets its fair share of funding for major roads and infrastructure across the city and in our growing communities.

Yes, you can. Fair Share 4 Logan priorities impact on residents in our neighbouring cities and shires including Scenic Rim, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich.

When you choose a priority and add your postcode to the petition we make sure the relevant candidates are told.

To find out more about candidates running in the Queensland election view the Candidates page or visit www.ecq.qld.gov.au.  

Our priorities for the Queensland election include:

Our Major Roads: Mt Lindesay Hwy, M1 and the South East Busway, Waterford-Tamborine Road

The priorities that are included in the Fair Share 4 Logan campaign have been chosen because they can unlock the potential of Logan. These priorities are closely aligned with responsibilities of the State Government which means that this election provides an opportunity to advocate for priorities that are the responsibility of the State Government.

By reducing congestion on our major roads we make it easier to do business with and in the City of Logan.

Safety on our roads is essential to ensure that our residents and visitors make it home to their families.

Everyone living in Logan should have access to affordable and accessible public transport.

Our growing communities need the facilities and services in their local area to ensure they don’t need to travel to access health and education services.

If you’ve signed the online petition and want to do more you can follow the Fair Share 4 Logan Facebook page and Twitter profile and share our campaign, posts, and tweets that are important to you. Don’t forget to use #Fairshare4logan!

Make sure you stay up to date with the campaign by providing your email address on the petition page and ticking the ‘Keep me updated’ box. We’ll let you know when candidates and parties make commitments to our priorities.

There will be community events during the campaign so keep an eye on the www.fairshare4logan.qld.gov.au website to find out where the team will be in your community.

You can find out more information about the election at www.ecq.qld.gov.au